How to Add a Project

MyVCM offers the ability to link multiple objects into a single dashboard view from various different modules like assets and documents for example, by creating a ‘Collection’.

Creating a collection will generate a dashboard that provides easy access to see all the MyVCM objects assigned to that collection.    

MyVCM has two different types of collections, ‘Projects’ and ‘Organizations’. At their core, both ‘Projects’ & ‘Organizations’ generate a similar dashboard to create a single view of its assigned objects but serve two very different purposes.

A Project is a collection-type that is best used when you are working towards a specific project.

How to add a new project:

1. Navigate to Collections located on the left-hand side of any MyVCM page, then choose Projects from the drop-down menu.

2. Inside of the ‘Projects’ page, choose Add Project in the upper right-hand side of the page, then select Add New Project.

3. Enter the ‘Name’ of the project (required).
4. Input the ‘Project Number’, if using an internal numbering system and select the organizations status.
5. Choose if this project will be ‘’Private."
6. Enter a description of the project.

7. Enter if this project has Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • If yes, choose if the data type is ‘Protected Health Information (PHI)’, ‘Social Security Number (SSN)’, ‘Payment Card Information (PCI)’ or ‘Other’. You may choose more than one type.
  • Choose the approximate number of records.
8. Under Links, enter any ‘Tags’ associated with the project.
9. Under Access Control, enter in who has access to this project and under Distribution enter who has access to view the project.

10. Click 'Save' to complete.