SSO Client Configuration: OneLogin

OneLogin provides single sign-on and identity management for cloud-based applications. *OneLogin provides SAML option only. The steps required to configure SAML are listed below.

Configuration using SAML

Steps for configuration

  • OLS-1: Login to your OneLogin instance
  • OLS-2: Select “Application” from Menu under “Application”

  • OLS-3: Click on “Add App”

  • OLS-4: Search for “Ostendio” application
    • Click on application find in search. 


  • OLS-5: Add “Ostendio” application & add following details to “Configuration settings”
    • Provider = “OneLogin”
    • ClientID = *Domain name for your Ostendio Instance
      • E.g.:, etc.

  • OLS-6: No changes required in “Parameters” or “Rules”

  • OLS-7: Save the URL mentioned in “SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)” (This will be used in later steps).
    • This URL will be used to provide link on the login page for SSO link.

  • OLS-8: Click “View details” in certificate as shown above, and download the certificate. 
    • Save the certificate (This will be used in later steps)

  • OLS-9: Add users to this application. 
    • Do not make any other changes

  • OLS-10: Follow steps GO-1 to GO-4 as provided and then,
    • Select “OneLogin” under “Select SSO Options” 
    • Select “SAML” in-front “OneLogin” 
    • Upload certificate file downloaded in step OLS-8. This field is mandatory 
    • Provide “OneLogin Domain URL” save in step OLS-7. This field is mandatory
    • Click “Save”