Configurable Lists

Configurable Lists allow Users to modify drop-down lists for attributes in Ostendio. The Configurable Lists available in Ostendio by Module are as follows:

List Name List used in
Asset Access List Asset
Asset Usage Asset
System OS Asset
System Department Asset, User, Group, Ticket, Report
System RiskLevel Asset, User, Location, Collection, Report
System Classification Document, Asset, Collection, Report
Document Type Document, Report
System Priority Document, Training, Audit, Collection, Location, Ticket, Asset, User, Report
System Gender Group
System Criticality Rating Location, Asset, Report
System Operational Impact Location, Asset, Report
Administration (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
General (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
Hardware (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
Network (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
Service (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
Software (Ticket Sub-Category) Ticket
Ticket Category Ticket
System Environment Ticket, Report
User Employment Status User, Group
User Type User, Group, Report
Location Type User, Location, Report


By modifying and creating your own drop-downs in these areas, Users can customize key areas of the Platform, including User information, Ticket details, Asset fields, and Document classification details. Additionally, the Asset Access List allows Users to further define the Access Roles a User may have on any given Asset. 

To learn how to configure and manage these lists, click here.