Manage Access Role

In this article, we will demonstrate how to activate or deactivate individual roles for each asset.

Create / Edit Asset's Access List

  • Select the Asset module from the left-side tray
  • Click Manage Assets.
  • Select the Asset you would like to manage roles for.

  • When viewing an asset, click on the Access List tab. 

  • An asset with no users assigned to an access role will be met with two options:
    • Manage access role
    • Add new access list

Add new access list

  • Begin by adding a user or multiple users to the access list of this asset. 

Manage access role

  • Clicking the Manage access role button will open the side tray, showing the full list of all asset access roles in configurable lists.
  • Users have the ability to activate any roles from the list to apply to this asset. The status will indicate whether the role is active or inactive for the asset. 

  • Create additional roles without having to navigate to the assets access list by clicking the Add new button. Save a unique name to add it to the full list. 

  • Once the desired roles to apply to the asset have been selected, click the save button. Activating and assigning a role takes less than 20 seconds, but users can also grant and revoke access and roles by using a SMART Ticket: the System Access Request ticket type, which will automate the process.

Manage access role